raise funds for your community by shopping at your favourite stores

simply shop and support

it couldn't be easier!

kmuniti modernizes fundraising and helps organizations and groups raise funds and
strengthen their community presence through the everyday purchases of their supporters

how does kmuniti work?

how do I personally participate in kmuniti?

you can help support your favourite community just by doing your regular shopping

get invited to support

each community that works with us gets a customized site where you can help them fundraise through your day-to-day online purchases

shop at their site

through your chosen community website you can shop online at over 1,000 of the most popular places - with no extra charges and access to exclusive deals

raise funds for them

with every qualifying purchase, a portion of the value of what you spend goes to the community that you are shopping for to help raise funds for them

bookmark us and remember

it's so easy keep coming back by making us a favourite, and such a convenient place to find deals, new shopping opportunities, and keep supporting

how can my businesses become a kmuniti supporter?

we deliver motivated and valued customers to you

get listed with kmuniti

whether by invitation by us or request by you, there is no cost to start working with kmuniti and gain access to the communities and their supporters

get an offering displayed

we will work with you to get an attractive offer broadcast to every kmuniti and get supporters to your door

sales are made

when a kmuniti supporter spends at your business a portion goes to help their group, cause, or goal

gain valuable support

when you give support, you get support. reach out to communities and their supporters through kmuniti

the easiest fundraising your community will ever do and how they get started

a portion of every purchase made through kmuniti by your supporters goes to help your cause

create a free kmuniti

there is no charge for your organization, group, or cause to get a kmuniti, a completely turnkey, managed, ultra-low barrier fundraising tool

get a custom shopping page

your shopping page will be branded for you with a logo, description, and over 1,000 shopping links that will track your supporters purchases for you

invite your supporters

we give you the tool, you do the inviting. create awareness campaigns to encourage your supporters to shop and support you

raise funds and grow

every time your supporter purchases through your custom page you raise funds and help build a stronger community

what are some ways that shopping at kmuniti helps you and your community?

when you shop, you support. everyday purchases raises funds for your community

support a community

each community that works with us gets a customized site where you can help them fundraise through your day-to-day online purchases

enjoy categorized links

kmuniti shopping pages let you enjoy one-stop experience to conveniently access some of the best shopping sites around

find offers and deals

these pages contain some of your favourite places, we also have special offers and deals to benefit you while you support them, all at no extra cost

your shopping raises funds

whether you are a community or individual, fundraising through shopping at kmuniti is mutually rewarding and beneficial

can you help build and support your community?

are you a pillar of your community? join us and help power up communities

apply to rep kmuniti

we'd like to work with people that have influence and reach into communities, and a drive to help make supporting them an easy thing

attract local groups

reach out to the groups that are in your local area and introduce them to a simple turnkey platform for raising funds through their supporters regular online shopping

get them involved

help to shape and broadcast to individuals that could support a community through creating awareness campaigns that share the benefits

share in the success

when you, as a pillar of your community, enlist organizations and get their supporters engaged and spending, you share in the success

create your own kmuniti to support your group, cause, or goal - it's free!

please complete the following form to apply for your kmuniti

please give the main contact for your kmuniti (other authorized agents can be added at a later date)

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do you know a group or organization that might like to receive support?

we can offer communities a no-cost way to raise funds

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is there somewhere that you would like to shop to support your community?

tell us who they are and we'll ask them how they'd like to support

please complete as much information as you can

we make your community stronger

kmuniti modernizes fundraising by connecting communities through everyday purchases

kmuniti helps organizations and groups raise funds and strengthen their community presence through
the everyday purchases of their members and the generous support of businesses, both local and online.

The root of our efforts is to connect individuals, groups and businesses to help each other through support
and sponsorship campaigns that are measurable in their efficacy and deliver value to all parties.

Through our services, people and businesses can interact within their community with mutual benefit in support of a common group, cause, or goal.

Our platform delivers the ability to create trusted and lasting relationships that foster growth and promote solid communities greater than can be achieved alone.

There are no substitues for the commitment and hard work that community organizations provide and we are driven to support that, and is the reason we exist.

Accept no substitutes.

embrace the power of your community and build a greater future together

please contact us to help you connect and get support


or contact us via traditional email

general contact: connect(at)kmuniti.com
     support contact: support(at)kmuniti.com
  affiliate contact: affiliate(at)hipco.ca

enjoy the easiest fundraising you'll ever do. simply shop and support

visit your community site

the one you've been invited to support

buy something

at over 1,000 popular sites

raise funds

with every qualifying purchase

bookmark us

and keep on coming back

attract and support communities through a trusted fundraising platform

get listed with kmuniti

there is no cost to list

get an offering displayed

and broadcast to every kmuniti

sales are made

a portion goes to the kmunitis

gain valuable support

and support your community too

harness the power of your community through modern fundraising

create a free kmuniti

for any group, cause, or goal

get a custom shopping page

with over 1,000 popular sites

invite your supporters

and encourage them to shop

raise funds and grow

through supporters purchases

shop at over 1,200 retailers and raise funds for your favourite organizations

support a community

at their custom kmuniti shopping page

enjoy categorized links

books, travel, flowers, clothing....more

favourites, new, and deals

find them in a convenient no-cost format

your shopping raises funds

and helps support your community

are you a pillar of your community? join us and help power up communities

apply to rep kmuniti

in an area you influence

attract local groups

market kmuniti to your area

get them involved

and raising funds for their cause

share in the success

their success is your success